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Samsung Tab Error 504

About Error Code 504 The error code 504 appears when trying to download applications or games in the Google Play Store. This is a gateway timeout error and is typically associated with slower Internet connections or mobile data networks. A simple solution that has worked for some is to disable and then reactivate your mobile…
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Samsung Tab Error 110

Google Play Store error 110 on a Samsung Tab Google Play Store Error 110 may occur while installing an app. The actual error message will be like this “Unknown error code when installing the application: 110” and the installation will be stopped. So, you will have to re-download the application only to be prompted with…
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Samsung Tab Wifi Authentication Error Occurred

Have you ever tried to connect to a wireless network only to resolve a Wi-Fi authentication error? This problem is particularly prevalent in tablets and some models of Android smartphones. You are certain that the password you are using is correct, but the device still refuses to connect. If you want to check an important…
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Samsung Tab Error 410

About Samsung Error 410 When you go on Youtube APP and you are trying to watch a video, a message warns you that there is a problem with the 410 network below. This is a problem with your network [410] on Android devices, Sony TV, Google TV or other smart TVs. Error 410 means that…
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Samsung Problems and How to Fix It

Do you have problems with your Samsung smartphone? You have arrived at the right place. Cell Phone Repair has come up with help you solve some of the problems commonly encountered with Samsung devices. A number of Samsung users, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 / S6 / S7, complain that they have encountered problems while…
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Samsung Mobile Hanging Problem Solution

There are millions of Android users around the world and more and more, but do you know that every second Android user is faced with the problem of suspending or blocking their Android smartphone, even those which are available at high prices. One of the common problems we face with smart phones nowadays is “suspension”.…
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Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones

The USB driver is a mandatory thing to install on your PC so that your mobile device can interact with your PC. Download USB drivers for Android devices from Samsung. These drivers help us connect our phone to the computer and perform tasks such as data transfer, synchronizing your device with a PC, using tools…
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Samsung Mobile Internet Connection Problems

If you can not access Google Play, through the app or the website, or if you can not load an instant app, your Internet connection may be bad. A strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection will help you browse and download apps and enjoy digital content from Google Play. Sometimes smartphones develop strange temporary faults…
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Samsung Mobile Blinking Problems

Many SamsungĀ  users have complained about the Samsung screen issues. The most common of these are flicker, lack of responsiveness and blank display. Samsung’s flickering screen problem is due to hardware issues. But in reality, the main reason for this problem is probably due to software errors. So, when a flashing Samsung screen appears, you…
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